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Makeup Application

from $120

Creative Makeup

from $180

A full Makeup Application to get you ready for your next event. 1 hour service including false eyelashes.

1.5-hour makeup service for all creative and advanced makeup looks. Can include gem/glitter application, graphic liner and high-intensity colour.


Bridal Trial 

from $150

A longer service specifically designed for the Bride-to-be.
This appointment is the perfect time to trial run the makeup and create a look you can see yourself walking down the aisle in.

Bridal Beauty 

From $150

We understand that your bridal makeup should be nothing short of perfection, reflecting your unique style and enhancing your natural beauty. Our "Bridal Beauty" is an extended, personalised makeup application in salon, meticulously designed for brides like you

On- Location Bridal Makeup

From $1050

Our on-location services offer convenience and luxury, ensuring you and your bridal party can relax and enjoy the transformation process in the comfort of your chosen venue. Whether it's your home, a picturesque outdoor location, or a stylish hotel suite, we'll bring our expertise and top-quality products right to your doorstep.


Lesson and Workshop services are not available on saturdays

1:1 Makeup Mastery

from $325

Elevate your makeup skills in just 2.5 hours! Whether you're a beginner or looking to level up your makeup game, our one-on-one session is the perfect self-gift or educational experience.

Group Makeup Workshop:Unleash Your Beauty Potential

$185 per person

Join our engaging 2-hour makeup workshop designed for small groups of 2-6 attendees. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or a makeup novice, this interactive session promises to enhance your skills and elevate your makeup game.

Signature Muse Soft Glam Makeup Lesson

from $250

Indulge in a dynamic 90 minute, one-on-one makeup lesson that unveils the secrets of our Signature Muse Soft Glam look. Discover the art of timeless beauty in this personalised session.

Personal Makeup Mastery Series- 3 Lessons

from $750

Unlock the full spectrum of makeup artistry with our Personal Makeup Mastery Series. This package includes three personalised lessons:
Booking all three together not only saves you money but also offers comprehensive makeup education tailored to your style and skill level. Elevate your beauty game with our series.


Half-Day on Location


Full-Day on Location 


Hair glossing is a versatile toning treatment that can benefit both coloured-treated and non-coloured hair. It boosts shine, evens out colour, and improves the overall condition of your hair. Contact us


Add depth, dimension, and a touch of brilliance to your hair with a bespoke mix of custom toners. Deepen roots, and refresh your colour. Contact us 

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